Brad responce   One of the most underrated benefits of OrchestratedBEER aside from the software is the OBeer user community. Since we launched our forum over a year ago we’ve grown to 115 registered forum users covering 285 different topics ranging from basic “how-to” questions, to users seeking more complicated advice on industry best practices. It’s where users go to tap into a vast knowledge base and seek business advice from 85 (and growing) fellow Orchestrated breweries.

A vital aspect of the forum includes posting ideas and suggestions to be considered in future OBeer releases.  This is what we like to refer to as “customer-centric product development”. In other words, it’s the way we develop functionality that breweries want and need instead of trying to guess or dictate how the software should operate. Below is one example of how we took an idea from Jason, one of our product champs at Founders Brewing Company in Michigan. His idea was drawn up, designed and put on his system to beta test before general release to the rest of the community. It all happened in less than a week:

Forum idea

You don’t have to be the biggest brewery or even a Product Champ to make suggestions that influence the product. Requests from OnDemand users like Paul at Golden Road prompted the rollout of a Full Goods Aging Report being used today by all customers. Our customer feedback is vital to the future success of a customer-driven, brewery-specific software solution. It’s just one of the many ways OrchestratedBEER separates itself from its competitors as the leading brewery management software solution