OrchestratedBEER OnDemand Logo greyHow comfortable would you be if we switched roles for a day? Let us brew your beer and you handle the IT (including data backups, maintenance, and upgrades).  How far do you think either of us would get in this process and how successful would we be? It’s probably not very practical but there are plenty of breweries out there willing to manage both production and their data infrastructure in order to cut costs. While some may possess the technical skills and “know-how” to pull this off, you’re still dedicating precious time to managing data when you could be focusing on what you do best. Imagine how far behind you would be, not to mention the opportunity costs involved with troubleshooting and fixing IT-related issues instead of brewing beer.

Our virtual environment through our hosting providers allows our customers to focus on what they do best – making great beer.  Our staff is knowledgeable in providing the IT environment your brewery requires to manage all aspects of brewing beer using OrchestratedBEER. Here are some things to consider when thinking about managing your own data:

Data Protection

How are you currently backing up your data?  If you have a power outage will your server still be running or will you lose data when it suddenly turns off?  Do you have the staff that can manage and address these issues?

It’s a realistic scenario which is why our hosting providers have redundant power supplies on their servers.  They have on-site generators to keep their IT environment up and running so you can continue to brew beer and track consistent data for your records and reporting.

Backups are managed several ways to provide redundancy to protect your data.

  • The physical server, which houses your Virtual server (VM) is backed up nightly at a datacenter in a different location.
  • Your database is then backed up nightly to your VM and to another physical server.
  • The actual VM for your company is backed up once a week with the ability to restore your database from the nightly backup.

This backup management strategy allows us to quickly recover your system if a disaster occurs. Paired with our 98%+ uptime guarantee, you can be sure that your data is protected.

Cloud Access Benefits

102Do you have to run your brewery from an office? or maybe from home sometimes?  Do you currently have access to your software and data on the go? With our cloud & hosted offerings you have access from anywhere.  Whether you prefer a PC or Mac, both allow access to your data.

SAP Remote Support Platform

Remote Support Platform (RSP) for the SAP Business One application is designed to protect your SAP Business One installation by monitoring the SAP Business One environment and providing automated and remote support from our staff. By reducing the time between the appearance and identification of an issue and its resolution, remote support platform for SAP Business One minimizes the impact of the issue on your business processes and databases

We manage and support your cloud IT infrastructure and SAP Business One.  We are committed to bring you innovations that help decrease the total cost of investment and provide a faster return on investment with SAP Business One and OrchestratedBEER.

Food for Thought

  • Have you considered the costs of server hardware? (Don’t forget the server software)
  • How are your servers being backed up? How often?
  • Who is managing your servers?
  • Who troubleshoots problems and how much is it costing you?
  • Are you a brewery or a data management company

If don’t have a full-ime IT staff, you probably don’t have the time and money to be managing servers and troubleshoot IT-related issues. If you currently outsource your IT to an IT company, consider how much you will spend on premium hourly fees to deal with IT management of an enterprise application. Let us handle the IT while you continue to brew great beer. Visit our Product Comparison to see which offering is right for you.