Craft beer is trending right now in every facet of the word. There are so many breweries sprouting up across the country that you would think the concept of “market saturation” is non-existent. Consumers notice the craft beer variety multiply on local grocery store shelves while breweries monitor the shrinking shelf space.  “Whatever the market will bear” has yet to be reached in entirety so far.  Until that point comes, however, the market will continue to grow and feed local economies.

2,403 total breweries operated for some or all of 2012, the highest total since the 1880s*. Craft beer is also a multi billion dollar industry, with retail dollar values estimated at a staggering $10.2 billion in 2012*.

It also creates more than 108,440 jobs in the U.S.,(including serving staff in brewpubs)*. Craft beer has become a way of life and it’s here to stay. The unfortunate reality is that we will also see some breweries fail along the way. 43 breweries closed up shop last year for various reasons. The chances of failure are pretty slim statistically, but failure can be avoided with good business processes in place. That’s where OrchestratedBEER comes in.

Although a majority of breweries will agree that craft beer is all about the craft and less about the business, many breweries are starting to recognize the importance of the business side of craft beer and are interested in increasing production without compromising the quality of the craft. With more craft beer being produced, more consumers get the opportunity to appreciate the hard work and craft that goes into every ounce. It’s why more than 50 craft breweries nationwide have selected OrchestratedBEER to help their brewery grow efficiently. Production, inventory, reporting, sales, recipes and accounting; it’s a complicated balance that can be extremely time consuming even with tools like QuickBooks and spreadsheets.

Due to the influx of breweries selecting OrchestratedBEER brewery software, we had to expand our team and move into a more spacious office to accommodate the future growth. So in June of this year, we nearly doubled our office space and increased our workforce by 20% – and we’re still hiring!

It’s all in the name crafting better software that helps breweries run better. We’re constantly adding new functionality to the software to help make your job easier. We tip our hats to all our brewery customers, because without them, there would be no us, and we wouldn’t be able to provide jobs to the local economy here in the Portland area.

Speaking of jobs, we’re looking for some tech-savvy people who love craft beer to help take OrchestratedBEER software to the next level. We’re always on the lookout for quality, hard-working people who are passionate about a career in an industry they love rather than just another desk job. Check out our careers page periodically to see if there’s something that might interest you.

We promise to keep drinking your beer and making great software. Not at the same time, of course… Well maybe just on Friday afternoons!

*Source (Brewer’s Association)