As a brewery grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to know what’s going on in every aspect of the business. There are so many different things happening in a brewery that it is almost impossible to keep track of everything just by simply being there. Getting lost in the day-to-day responsibilities limits one’s ability to look at the bigger picture. The intuition that one develops running a brewery from open to close allows for good gut decisions, but those gut decisions are based on whatever information made available to you. That information is often limited, leading to the following questions:

  • “Are we utilizing our tanks with the right styles of beer?”
  • “Are we packaging our bright beer with the right pack types?”
  • “Are our prices sufficient to cover expenses?”
  • “Are our sales for the year going to generate enough cash to continue our growth?”

These are all valid questions that you should be asking yourself if you aren’t already. Brewery owners and managers want and need more ways of knowing what’s happening in their brewery. That’s where accurate, real-time brewery reporting becomes a crucial part of your business.

You might be making the best decision, but your decisions are only as good as the information used to make those decisions.

How to make better brewery business decisions:

OrchestratedBEER brewery software provides a centralized solution to capture information from all aspects of the brewery. One of the main benefits of capturing information from all aspects of the brewery is the ability to get real-time information so that you can make better “gut” decisions. You might be making the best decision, but your decisions are only as good as the information used to make those decisions.

Of all the feedback we received at our last user conference, a recurring theme was that our users wanted more brewery reporting capabilities to analyze the brewery data in OrchestratedBEER. MadTree Brewing Co. Managing Member Kenny McNutt knew a lot of their brewery data was going into OBeer, but wanted more ways to make sense of the data.

We took that feedback back to “the lab” where our reporting team went to town, creating 20-30 additional brewery-specific reports – all tying back into “real data” within OrchestratedBEER. They’re not just boring black and white Excel reports either. Some of these reports have visuals like Fermenter graphics, charts and trend lines that help our OrchestratedBEER users visualize where their beer is sitting in the tanks, if they are utilizing the full capacity of a tank or warehouse, or which vendors have their kegs.

It’s also very intuitive; with “drill-down arrows” in each cell that link back to the related production order or other related documents within the system. One example of these new reports is the fermenter utilization graph report, (below) which shows the utilization of all your fermenter warehouses, gauging their volume on an individual day versus their max capacity based on the date range selected.

fermenter utilization report

OrchestratedBEER takes the inventory record keeping and bookkeeping that occurs after the fact and replaces it with real-time inventory and automated accounting.

Although OrchestratedBEER is an operational focused solution, brewery accounting and inventory transactions are automatically created behind the scenes using the SAP Business One platform. As processes like beer production, sales, and ingredient purchasing are completed, financial and inventory transactions are updated in real-time. OrchestratedBEER software takes the inventory record keeping and book keeping that occurs after the fact and replaces it with real-time inventory and automated accounting. Here’s a video breakdown of how automated brewery accounting works as well as a visual presentation of the brewery production process.

“So, how do I know how much my beer is actually costing me?”

On the accounting side, there’s a beer production cost analysis report (below). This report shows a summary of all of the component costs that go into each batch and style of beer. You can see what ingredients were actually utilized in each production order and what should have been utilized based off of your master recipe or bill of material. Compare the actual versus expected cost by looking at the variance of each production order to see what the cost impact was. You can also drill into the associated production orders, issues, and receipts right from the report within OrchestratedBEER.

Production Cost Analysis by process report

On the inventory side there’s a future inventory status report. This report shows a summary of all selected inventory items, beginning and ending quantities and future supply (i.e. expected completion dates of the item from production) and future demand (i.e. expected delivery dates of the item for sales orders).

Future Inventory Status report

“The reality in business today is that we live in a “now” culture. We want information now and it needs to be fast.”

These reports and other brewery-specific reports from OrchestratedBEER can be generated with a few clicks and be saved as a PDF or CSV file. The OrchestratedBEER brewery reports combine speed and power to provide the information you need to do your job better, whether you’re in accounting, on the production floor, a sales manager, or a CEO. The reality in business today is that we live in a “now” culture. We want information now and it needs to be fast.

Those are just three examples of the powerful brewery-specific reporting being created on a daily basis for OrchestratedBEER users – and they’re all available “out-of-the-box” with any of our brewery software product offerings.

We’ve put together a 40-page PDF document with some of the most utilized reports. Click on the button below to download the reports preview package:

PDF Reports Package Includes:

Item Production ActivityWeekly Production ScheduleProduction Cost Analysis
Packaging Log ReportPurchase/Prod. Order RecommendationDaily Production Activities Report
Production Variance by ProcessProfit & Loss StatementBalance Sheet
Financial Overview DashboardInternational Shipment DetailsTTB Utility
Trial BalanceBank ReconciliationInventory Aging Report
Future Inventory StatusFermenter UtilizationTaxable Shipment details by state
Keg Deposits & Activity (DR3)Order Fulfillment DetailsKeg Deposits/Microstar
Item Sales AnalysisOpen Orders