Brewery Scheduling Goes Mobile

We recently asked our customers what they wanted to be able to do with the production scheduler. The requests we received were anywhere from, “I’d like to put our production schedule on a big screen TV in the brew house so that everyone can see,” to “I’d like to get my production schedule on an iPad so that I can see what we are planning to do in in production.” So, we took our production scheduler out of the OrchestratedBEER application and put in a browser that can be accessed from any device… And yes, it’s still connected to OrchestratedBEER.

Shifting Focus: OBeer User Experience (UX):

Our development efforts have shifted to focus on the user experience (UX). No matter how functional a solution can be, it’s pointless if the users don’t use it. We recognize that the key to successful user adoption is ease-of-use and accessibility. It’s for this reason that in 2014, we are dedicated to making our functionality not only easy to use but easy to access, whether it’s on a computer, Smart TV, tablet or iPad.

This week, our development team got a working prototype of our production scheduler on an iPad, tablet and a smart TV.

Hang THAT in your Brew House – OBeer Production Schedule on a Smart TV

We were able to bring up a working production schedule with sample data up on a smart TV screen and use gestures or the remote to rearrange orders. Any changes made on the screen will automatically make changes to the OrchestratedBEER application in real time. The vision is that breweries will be able to replace their large whiteboards with a Smart TV display of the production schedule inside the brew house that’s tied to real time data to help your brewery’s production team. It’s time to get rid of the dry erase markers and dirty whiteboards and move into the 21st century. It’s time to go digital. For more specifics on how OBeer replaces archaic tools like whiteboards & spreadsheets, check out our blog post on “4 Reasons Breweries Look for Brewery Software.”

brewery production schedule on a tv

Furthermore, we also want to replace the production spreadsheets and google calendars that are prevalent in the craft beer industry by providing the same display in any browser, including the browser in an iPad. Pull up your production schedule on any device from anywhere in the world to see what’s brewing today.

Mobile Brewery Scheduling – Power Meets Simplicity

iPad or tablet; the new mobile functionality is where power meets simplicity. Here is a quick peek at the new Production Scheduler that can run in a tablet’s web browser or on an iPad:

Scheduler on an iPad

OBeer users will soon be able to keep up to date on the brewing schedule anywhere they have a web connection without logging into OrchestratedBEER.

The Beauty of a Centralized Brewery System – How it Works

The magic doesn’t stop there. The production scheduler is just an external visual representation of what’s going on behind the scenes of your brewery. All the lines and orders on the calendar are tied to real data in real time. Drag a production run from Tuesday to Wednesday, for example, and all the dates, inventory, fermentation times and lead times are adjusted accordingly and automatically. The scheduler also has user defined built-in parameters to prevent overutilization of fermenters or if you simply don’t have enough lead time to complete the move. We’re working hard to continue to automate many of these tedious planning and scheduling processes so you don’t have to. By developing these tools right in a centralized solution that is tied to all inventory and accounting transactions, we are able to keep information accurate and real-time. That’s the beauty of a truly centralized brewery management software system.

If you’re still wondering how all the transactions are automated, or what a centralized solution means for a brewery, check out the videos below that help visualize the process:

Production Process DemoAutomated Accounting Demo
Brewery Production Process DemoAutomated Brewery Accounting

This is just one of many examples of steps we’re taking to make OrchestratedBEER the best brewery management software solution for craft breweries. This is the future of brewery management software.