With so many different aspects of managing a brewery, we’re often asked if OrchestratedBEER has a POS solution, a payroll solution or even an expense management solution. The reality is that there are plenty of existing solutions out there that are entirely focused on providing breweries like yours with very specific solutions. Whether it is Micros, Aloha, Digital Dining, Square, or LAVU for POS. ADP, Paylocity, Paychex for payroll. AMEX, Concur, ExpenseWatch or your bank for expense tracking. There’s no point in trying to re-invent the wheel and develop our own systems when so many POS, payroll and expense management providers already exist and do it very well. In fact, you may have already gone through the process of choosing which software provider works best for you.

For the reasons mentioned above, we opted to leave our back end agnostic so OBeer would play nice and interface with nearly any brewery POS, payroll or expense management software provider as long as your third-party solution is capable of exporting data to a standard file or spreadsheet. So now the question is whether or not your third-party system is capable of exporting data rather than if OBeer integrates with your third-party system. In most cases, you can continue to use what already works for you without having to re-train or re-implement. Let OrchestratedBEER be the hub of your business and use an Interface Module to centralize your information.

These new Interface Modules utilize Excel-based tools to help get information from third-party applications into OBeer quickly and efficiently – and they’re available for breweries of any size.

Here’s a quick look at the 5 Interfaces Modules and how they make your job easier:

Brewery POS Systems Interface with OrchestratedBEER

With 130+ customers, and endless restaurant and brewpub Point-of-Sale options, we created a solution that works with most brewery POS systems that are able to export data into a spreadsheet. The POS Interface has flexible capabilities to configure mapping of your POS export file. Paste your sales data from your tap room (beer sales, food sales, merchandise sales, etc.) into the interface and import to bring your daily sales into OBeer.

Brewery Payroll Systems Interface with OrchestratedBEER

With so many payroll providers already being used by breweries, we’ve created a flexible tool for you to interface with almost any payroll provider that can provide an export of your payroll data. The Payroll Interface Module eliminates the time spent entering transactions from a third-party payroll provider. Using the Excel-based tool you can quickly and easily map data to the appropriate OBeer GL Account once and import all future transactions with a click of the button. Simple as that.

Brewery Expense Import Interface with OrchestratedBEER

The expense import interface was born out of one brewery’s request for an easier way to import expense transactions from a third-party. The expense import interface works with any third-party application as long as they provide an export that can be opened in a spreadsheet. The interface maps transactions to your GL Account once and the template set. Expense data can then be imported into OBeer with the click of the button.

Brewery Payables Systems Interface with OrchestratedBEER

OrchestratedBEER payables interface module screenshot

The Payables Interface Module was designed to allow you to import a spreadsheet of transactions into OBeer as AP Invoices. If you use a third-party for handling purchases such as food ingredients or supplies are delivered to your tap room or brew pub, rather than going through the tedious process of creating separate invoices in OBeer for each vendor, you can just import a spreadsheet of the transactions and invoices will be created automatically.

Fintech Interface with OrchestratedBEER

OBeer Interface - Fintech File Creator
Last, but not least, we’d like to introduce the OrchestratedBEER Fintech Interface Module. This simple file creator generates the upload files needed for Fintech to bill customers. For example, transactions created in OBeer are exported into a file that Fintech needs for website uploads

These new Interface Modules are just a small sample of the awesome, time saving tools and interfaces we’re constantly rolling out to our customers in order to create simple solutions for complex problems.

This all sounds great, but what’s the catch? The catch is that you have to be a part of our growing OBeer User Community in order to take advantage of OBeer and all the benefits it provides. A great place to start is to attend a live demo or watch a pre-recorded demo to see if OBeer is a good fit for your needs. Check out our “OBeer Stories”, download our brochure or visit our FAQ page for the answers to your most basic questions.