OrchestratedBEER is launching a new informational webinar series that addresses the pains involved with a growing craft brewery.

Starting Wednesday, October 10th 2012, OrchestratedBEER’s five-part webinar series will address strategies and solutions to managing overall brewery growth, production, planning, inventory tracking, brewery accounting and brewery sales, using cloud technology and enterprise-level brewery management software.

“Managing Brewery Production”

This webinar discusses the amount of time and labor involved with dual-entry posting and how much time is wasted trying to get your spreadsheets to perform the way you want them to.

“Managing Brewery Accounting”

This webinar discusses how software can automate accounting processes in the background so you can avoid dual entry costs.

“Managing Brewery Inventory”

Learn how software can make sure you always know exactly what’s available so you never oversell accounts again.

“Managing Brewery Sales”

This webinar discusses how to avoid lost opportunities and how CRM software can keep your customers happy.

The free Wednesday webinars are presented virtually through Go-To-Meeting in addition to OrchestratedBEER’s live software demonstrations, which occur every Thursday at 12pm Pacific.

“The Best Craft Breweries Run OrchestratedBEER”