Our reports guru, Mike Beovich, recently posted a new idea/concept for an Account Manager/Salesman Dashboard. We value our customer feedback and utilize it often to improve future releases of OrchestratedBEER. It’s part of what makes OBeer a customer-centric software system. Here’s the concept that came straight from our user forum:

“I’m looking to create a new dashboard report for account managers & sales people and would like some feedback on what information we should have on there. I have a few ideas to start, but would like additional insight into the information users are handing down to their staff from OBeer in their meetings and such. This information can be summary level or detail level.

Right now I’m thinking:

  1. Open Opportunities
  2. Orders to be delivered
  3. MTD Sales
  4. Customer/Client List

Any additional feedback and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated!”

-Mike Beovich

This is just one of many examples of how we present concepts and ideas to our user base and listen for feedback. Check out our user forum for yourself to see real interactions between OBeer users.