As you gather with family and friends this Thursday, remember that Thanksgiving isn’t just about the turkey, football, and food comas. It’s a time to reflect on what you’re grateful for and how blessed we are to live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Even if you’re living in poverty here in America, you would still be considered wealthy in some third-world countries. It’s all about perspective.

One thing we’re grateful for is the opportunity to rub shoulders with some awesome individuals in such a great industry filled with passionate people who really care. Unlike many industries that are often cutthroat and overly competitive, the craft beer industry is more like a co-operative community of passionate, beer-loving people who care more about making great beer than making a quick buck.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’d like to give a little credit where credit is due. Many of our brewery customers are grateful for their success and often express that gratefulness by giving back to the community. Here’s a list of some of our generous customers and how they’re giving back:

Lazy Magnolia – Donates Grain to Local Dairy Farmer

lazy_magnolia_logoDairy farmer Robby Peterson estimates that he saves $1,000 every month due to the green generosity of the Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co. Peterson makes weekly trips to the brewery to pick up spent grains used in producing the company’s beer. Utilized as a feed supplement, the spent grains are donated to several area livestock farmers, including Peterson. “With the bad drought we’ve had this year, the grains from the brewery have really helped out a lot,” said Peterson. “Without Lazy Magnolia, I’d be hurting.” Read the full story

Excelsior Brewing Co.’s “Catch & Release” Program

Excelsior logoExcelsior Brewing in Minnesota believes in giving back to their lake-side community of Excelsior. That’s why one percent of every beer sold goes to help preserve this precious resource of Lake Minnetonka.

Mother Earth Brewing Hosts Beer Benefit for Local Farmers

mother_earth_logo_Back in January of this year, Mother Earth Brewing of Kinston, NC and Terrapin Beer Company of Atlanta, GA hosted a BEER BENEFIT to help local farmers stay on their feet while one of their biggest customers, award winning Chef & the Farmer, underwent repairs deemed necessary as a result of a January 7th fire. The Brewers were on hand to answer questions and offer insight into each featured beer.  A portion of the sales from the evening was presented to the farmers. Read full story

Fullsteam’s “Crowd-sourced Craft Beer”

Fullsteam logoWe hear it all the time: “We have a persimmon tree…but the fruit just falls to the ground and makes a mess.” We know what to do with it. Let’s make beer. Let’s ferment what we forage. Fullsteam’s Forager series turns locally harvested fruit into beer. Of course, the money and beer you receive is contingent on the quality and usability of the harvest. If you choose not to take money, they will donate your proceeds to one of their favorite local charities called SEEDS, a Durham non-profit educational community garden.

Indeed Brewing Co. Participates in “Give to the Max Day”

indeed_logoBesides donating 1% of their gross annual sales to non-profit groups committed to sustainability, Indeed is also very proud to participate in local non-profits on “Give to the Max Day”, a time for thousands of Minnesota nonprofits to come together to raise millions of dollars in just 24 hours. Read the full story.


These are just a few of the many examples of how our customers are giving back. You’re more likely to give back when you’re grateful for what you already have. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!