The best brewery management software package on the market keeps getting better with new upgrades and functionality. We like to call it OrchestratedBEER 2.0

So far, the feedback we’ve received on the software upgrades has been awesome and we’re going to take that into account as we continue to make OrchestratedBEER the best brewery software on the market.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features included in the recent update:

Express Production

The Express Production functionality merges all steps in the production order processing into a single screen, enabling you to input the items issued, items received, and all associated batch/lot information into one consolidated screen. This new functionality streamlines the input of all associated items involved with the production order and processes it all in one screen to make production processing quicker and easier for your users.

Express Production

Batch Numbering

OBeer 2.0 uses a new batch numbering methodology that enables you to create custom batch numbering. The screenshot on the left shows how you can set a batch prefix, batch number, batch date and batch suffix to automate custom sequential batch numering assignments. The corresponding custom batch numbering now shows up on the production order as seen in the screenshot on the right.

Order Batch Selection on Creation Wizard

Batch Numbering on Production Order

Production Scheduler

The Production Scheduler is a new interactive drag and drop calendar that visualizes production orders, purchase orders, and sales orders. You are also able to change released production order dates by the drag and drop feature. If you drag a production order from the calendar to a different date, it will automatically change the production date and reflect this change in your corresponding production worksheets. You’ll also notice a new Planned production order list on the top left of the screen. You are now also able to visualize scheduled production orders by assigned tanks or release planned production orders to specific available tanks in the Warehouse views.

Production Scheduler
Multi-Issue & Multi-Receipt

OBeer 2.0 now allows users to conduct multiple Issues and/or multiple Receipts on a single Production Order. This function is useful for breweries that want to receive multiple groups of finished production items at different times throughout the day. For instance, if you have a single packaging production order to rack 100 kegs, you can now receive multiple groups of the finished beer items to immediately fulfill orders instead of waiting until the end of the production run to receive all 100 kegs of finshed beer into stock. You’ll notice in the screenshot below that there was one issue for production and multiple receipts.

Receipt from production

Line items Added to Packaging Worksheet

OBeer 2.0 now adds a section at the bottom of the packaging worksheet that displays the line items of the packaging components.  This enables you to see the bright beer and packaging components quantities being consumed and the in-stock quantity levels of each on a packaging production order. This allows someone on the packaging line a quick view into the makeup of each production order rather than having to drill down to see what was involved or in-stock on the packaging side.

Improvements on packaging worksheet

We’ve also made several improvements on existing functionality. To see the complete details on the new features as well as improvements to existing functionality head over to our OrchestratedBEER 2.0 Release Notes.