Maintaining consistency is one of the most important keys to a successful brewery. Your customers should expect the same level of quality beer every time they open a bottle of your craft beer. Craft brewing is an art form – every single minute detail and every step in the brewing process must be followed to a T, from raw materials to finished beer, in order to achieving award winning beer. You also need to log data in order to preserve that trademark taste your customers have grown to know and love.

OrchestratedBEER has complete production management capabilities built in to the software. Manage all your batches, from raw materials to work-in-progress to finished goods. Track your production costs and lab data during each step of the process. Make a bad batch of beer? track the materials back to the vendor and find out what other batches may have been tainted before they hit the shelves. OrchestratedBEER provides everything you need to produce the same quality beer every time.

Production Managmement Functionality:

  • Bill of Materials – view all materials, recipes and ingredients that make up each inventory item
  • Variance Management – Analyze differences between your planned production levels and what’s actually used/created
  • Lab Data Logs – Log all lab data associated with each batch
  • Issue of Components – Issue raw materials & other companents to production
  • Production to Storage Tank – Specify individual fermenters and bright tanks in production
  • Production to Sales Order – Manage as entire production run for a specific sales order
  • Production Receipts – Use receipts from production to view historical info
  • Batch Management – Manage your beer production by batches

Watch the video below to see how OrchestratedBEER can help your brewery run better: