Becoming a Data-Led Brewery Is Critical to Growing Your Business

Becoming a Data-Led Brewery Is Critical to Growing Your Business

Every year, the beer industry continues to grow and prosper, but with that growth means more competition and the necessity to differentiate your brewery.

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With new competition popping up daily, gut decisions just do not cut it anymore. You will need real-time, integrated, and accurate data to validate your choices and understand how it will impact your business.

For breweries without this data or who take too long to get it, they risk:

  • Having unused tanks
  • Too much cash being tied up in inventory
  • Missing business and industry trends
  • Not reacting quick enough to changes in the business
  • Not making the best decisions

You need data to ensure that your brewery is healthy, and that with every decision you make, you have your brewery’s ROI in mind. It is time to differentiate from a traditional brewery to a data-led brewery.

Why is Being Data-Led so Critical?

1.) Data Increases Transparency Throughout Your Brewery

When everyone has access to the same data across your entire brewery, everyone is on the same page. You do not have to worry about someone not getting the most updated spreadsheet or not having a conversation with the right person at the right time. Everyone has a complete picture of how your brewery is performing.

2.) Data Gives You a Complete Picture of Your Brewery’s Health

If your departments’ data sources are not communicating, you can’t determine the health of your brewery easily. And when that happens, it is easy to lose out on big opportunities, leading to your brewery not making the best decisions and stifled growth. But, if your processes and data are all integrated in one place, your data can begin to provide insights on how your brewery is performing.

If one of your new brands are selling well, and your production staff can see that, they can begin planning to produce more to keep up with the demand. When your finances are tied to production, you can determine which brands are not producing a great ROI and perhaps should be discontinued. You can begin to discover new opportunities to grow and act on those, leading to becoming a healthier, leaner brewery.

3.) Data Helps Your Brewery Make More Informed Decisions

Simply put, data takes the guessing out of strategic planning. When you have a complete picture of your brewery’s health, you understand its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You can utilize data to discover new opportunities and prove to your team why it would be valuable to act on those opportunities.

How can your brewery become a data-led brewery?

The Solution: OrchestratedBeer

Not all Brewery Management Software is created equally, as not all are truly an all-in-one solution. Unless you can integrate all aspects of your brewery with finances & accounting, production, inventory, purchasing, quality control and reporting together, you won’t get the real-time data you need to identify critical opportunities that would grow the business.

With our brewery management software, OrchestratedBeer, your brewery’s data is consolidated and centralized, which provides your brewery the following benefits:

  • Reduced unnecessary work through elimination of dual entry
  • Increased transparency through batch tracking and other brewery-specific reports
  • Streamline processes through standardizing brewery operations.

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