In previous posts we introduced you to the daily lives of Penny the brewery accountant, Bruno the brew master, and Peter the Inventory Mgr. This segment focuses on the life of the brewery sales rep through the eyes of Sal. Sal’s story embodies the brewery sales rep persona and the constraints encountered due to multiple systems and inefficient processes. Even the best system of spreadsheets have to be constantly updated manually to reflect activities in production. This is Sal’s story:

Meet Sal

Meet Sal the sales guy Meet Sal, the sales rep at Bill’s Brewery. Sal’s a smooth talking salesman with a knack for relationship building. He’s the type of guy who could sell ice to an Eskimo or a book of matches to a man on fire. Everyone loves Sal. He spends most of his day on the phone and writing down orders on whatever is closest to him. Bar napkins, recycled paper, his hand, you name it. Although his processes are inefficient, he gets the job done most of the time.

The only real weakness in Sal’s game is his working relationship with Peter, the brewery Inventory Mgr. Sal relies on Peter to keep tabs on when finished beerSal - Not enough Beer is ready to go. Though Peter provides his best ETA, Sal knows Peter’s spreadsheets and web apps aren’t always reliable and he tends to be a bit conservative with his guesstimates.

Being a “yes man”, Sal’s always doing what he can to please his customers, which often comes back to bite him when he overpromises beer to customers.  When Peter says something will be ready in 2 weeks, Sal promises to have it to them in 1.

A Case of the Missing Order

Creating Orders A week goes by after he promises an order when Sal gets a call from an angry customer wondering why their order hadn’t been delivered like he promised. “What went wrong? My man Peter said it would be ready in a few days…” Sal mutters to himself.

Fed up with the finger pointing and wild goose chases, Sal voices his frustrations with Bill, the brewery owner. He lets Bill know that he couldn’t do his job with their currently flawed processes and that Bruno, Peter and Penny all need better tools so that he could make better promises to their customers.

The Problem Explained Sal Explained

After hearing Sal’s story, Bill dives into researching brewery sales tools and systems.  Sometime later, Bill meets with Sal to share his findings. Bill explained that this wasn’t just an inventory or sales problem but something all departments were facing. “The problem” was the inability to connect the dots between the various spreadsheets,bookkeeping software, web apps, proprietary knowledge, and handwritten notes. It was the same problem Penny and Bruno were experiencing. He talked him through the benefits of an all-in-one system on OrchestratedBEER.

Make Better Promises with OBeer

OBeer Sales ProcessWith OBeer the sales processes would be tied to brewery production, accounting and inventory. All departments would be on the same page, providing real-time information.

Sal can now make better promises with the ability to see what is available to promise and when or have customers place their own orders using the Customer Web Portal while being confident that orders will be shipped on time.

It was all made possible thanks to the new core foundation built on OrchestratedBEER