We’ve got an awesome conference planned but we know your time is valuable. Here’s a list of 5 top reasons why you and your colleagues should attend:

1. Free Training Sessions
Your user will get exposed to additional training sessions to walk your users through processes you and your users will be doing on a daily basis. We’ll address all the questions and make sure they’re doing everything the right way.

2. See How Other Breweries Use it
With around 60 breweries and over 300 users across the US and Canada, you’re bound to know someone who uses OrchestratedBEER too. Consider this a great opportunity to meet other breweries, learn how they’re using the software and share ideas on features that could be implemented in the future through organized round table discussions.

3. Provide Feedback
The OrchestratedBEER User Conference is the perfect venue to provide feedback on the features of OrchestratedBEER. Tell us what you love, tell us what you would like improved, and most importantly, tell us what you’d like to see in the next version of OrchestratedBEER to help make the software better and make your job easier.

4. Get a Sneak Peek of OrchestratedBEER 2.5
There’s no doubt that OrchestratedBEER has come a long way. Software is always improving and becoming easier to use. We’ll be unveiling some awesome prototypes of what the future may look like for OrchestratedBEER brewery management software. Catching a glimpse of the future will itself be worth the price of admission.

5. Learn Industry Best Practices
We have several industry partners throughout various practices that have agreed to come and share valuable insights to help your brewery run faster, safer, cleaner and smarter. The industry focused sessions with focus on topics related to TTB compliance, accounting best practices, risk management and more. Check out the complete list of speakers and their topics.

Other Reasons to attend:

  • Network with your peers
  • Tour local Portland Breweries
  • Meet the OrchestratedBEER Team
  • Hang out in Beervana