OrchestratedBEER Customers-01

As of this month we have 30 customers(some not included above) running OrchestratedBEER. While 30 is a number we celebrate as a huge accomplishment, it’s nowhere near our optimistic goal of 214 breweries by the year 2014.

Up to this point our growth has been intentionally slow for good reason. We don’t want to get caught up in the mentality of adding customers simply to inflate our numbers. We firmly believe in making sure our current customers are well taken care and “referenceable” before we move on to adding more clients.

Planning for Growth
We don’t want to outsell our capacity. We’ve hired 8 new employees since last year in order to accommodate growth and better support the needs of these new breweries as they transition to OrchestratedBEER. Since many breweries are coming off of QuickBooks, we were able to bring on a former QuickBooks technical support expert to help out our support team. Another member of our support team is considered our resident expert in all things Mac or iPhone/iPad related. His ability to iron out any wrinkles in our mobile app or customer web portal is simply amazing. We also have a Services team dedicated to creating custom brewery reports and making sure your data migration is a seamless process.

SAP Certified Employees
We require all members of our Support and Services team to become certified SAP consultants. It’s a rather stringent certification process that requires months of preparation and is administered in a proctored exam environment outside our offices. The certification means they understand the inner workings of SAP and allows them to quickly solve any potential issues that may occur.

Hitting Velocity
2013 brings a monumental shift for OrchestratedBEER. With this shift come some drastic, noticeable changes that will take place starting in January. We will be able to achieve and maintain this velocity because of the templates, procedures and best brewery practices that help streamline transitions to OrchestratedBEER. We’ve blazed the trail to make OrchestratedBEER the number one trusted solution for the craft beer industry.

The Best Craft Breweries Run OrchestratedBEER