The 2015 OBeer Recap can be classified as a Year of Growth and expansion. We added 98 new customers to our growing community. We brought our customer total to 225 and increased our daily user count to 1196, all while maintaining an astounding 95.74% retention rate.

In March we launched a new product specifically for distilleries called OrchestratedSPIRITS. OSpirits adapts the same OBeer software platform to address the needs of those in the craft distillery market.

Our company family has grown as well with a 67% company growth rate this year and a 4-year-growth rate of 130%

We also rolled out 2 new OBeer version releases, introduced brewery software personas, expanded partnerships with industry leaders and hosted our annual user conference. Needless to say, it’s been a busy year for everyone here at OBeer.

Check out 2015 OBeer Recap below for some of the main highlights from 2015:

February 2015:

OBeer POS integrationsNew Interfaces for POS, Payroll, Expense and payables

Almost everyone has some sort of a tap room, restaurant or gift shop attached to their brewery. So we took a detailed look at the POS, payroll Expense and payables interfaces available in OBeer.

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March 2015:

Brewery TTB reporting iconMaintaining Brewery TTB Compliance

A quick summary of the most common violations and “non-compliance” issues found during TTB brewery audits.  A quick read and you’ll know how to avoid the time-consuming fixes in the rare case you find your brewery gets audited by the TTB or FDA. Read More

OrchestratedSPIRITS square LogoLaunch of OrchestratedSPIRITS Distillery Software

In March we launched a new product specifically for distilleries called OrchestratedSPIRITS.  OSpirits adapts the same OBeer software platform to the needs of those in the craft distillery market. Perfect for those breweries looking to make a lil’ moonshine on the side.

April 2015:

OBeer CBC PanelistsRecap of our CBC customer panel in Portland

150+ attended our CBC sponsored panel “How Craft Breweries Use Business Management Software”. The panel allowed breweries to hear directly from our customers about running OrchestratedBEER and why they chose OBeer over other brewery software alternatives. Read More

OBeer ShipCompliant IntegrationShipCompliant Integration

In April we announced our new integration with our friends at ShipCompliant that seamlessly ties OBeer brewery software and ShipCompliant together. It’s now easier than ever to submit brewery state excise tax returns and COLAs for new brands created in OBeer without ever having to fill out tedious forms. Read More

May 2015:

calculate beer costHow much does your beer cost?

How do you currently calculate the real-time costs of your beer using your multi-tab spreadsheets? Now compare those methods to using OBeer brewery software and you’ll discover that accurately accounting for all those variables might be more difficult than you thought. Read more

June 2015:

OBeer All-time satisfaction rateTech Support Spotlight: How we support our customers

Sure, the software looks great and you’ve heard good things from your industry peers, but what about the support? We addressed how our top-notch OBeer brewery software support team proudly maintains a 98.41% all-time customer satisfaction rate. Read more

OBeer Average Customer Growth vs. Industry growthOBeer production rates vs. the Industry average

Breweries running OBeer increased production by an average of 66% – or 3.7 times the industry average. Find out which breweries cracked the list of top 10 fastest-growing OBeer customers. Read More

July 2015:

brewery software for the smallSoftware for the small brewery

45% of OBeer users produce less than2,500 BBls/year. Since a majority of the craft beer industry is comprised of small breweries and startups, we listed the top 6 misconceptions about OBeer and the facts to set the record straight when it comes to software for the startup or small brewery. Read More

August 2015:

Hop ContractsHop Contracts in OBeer

Securing those hop contracts is becoming increasingly crucial these days. We addressed how to manage the hop procurement process effectively using hop contracts in OBeer. Just in time for hop season.

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September – October 2015:

Meet Bruno the BrewmasterThe OBeer Persona Series

We wanted to find a way to quickly portray the struggles of the modern brewery and how OBeer can help. So, throughout the months of September and October we released a series of brewery software personas to help illustrate the process. Discover how Bill, Bruno, Peter, Penny & Sal perfectly define the unique characteristics of each brewery employee role.  Learn how they use OBeer software on a daily basis to solve their unique challenges. Meet the crew

November 2015:

1000 OBeer Customers (1)OBeer Surpasses 1000 Users

November marked one of our most important company milestones to date – 1000 users. Now with more than 200 breweries across the US, Canada and the UK, more than 1100+ users log into OBeer on a daily basis.  Learn why more breweries are replacing generic bookkeeping software, spreadsheets and other disparate systems with OBeer brewery software. Read More

Orchestrate 2015 recapOrchestrate 2015 Recap

Under a new name, Orchestrate is the annual user conference event for OrchestratedBEER and OrchestratedSPIRITS software users to discover how to better utilize new and existing software features as well as network with fellow users. Watch the recap video

Bill personaNew OBeer Video testimonials

During Orchestrate 2015 we had the opportunity to interview more users to dig down into the details, like what features they use most, how they interact with other users and why they chose OBeer over other brewery software tools. Hear from breweries like Back 40, Revolution, Captain Lawrence, Three Weavers and others. Watch videos

December 2015:

The Problem-01Connecting the dots

Our sign-off post for 2015 addresses how the various tools and brewery systems prevent breweries from connecting the dots. Read More