Planning & Scheduling Overview

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Optimize production schedules


Drag & Drop scheduler

OrchestratedBEER’s production planning and scheduling functionality means you can say goodbye to whiteboards and multi-tab spreadsheets. Spend less time updating spreadsheets and more time optimizing production schedules. Streamline production schedules by dragging and dropping production orders on a calendar or for a specific tank. Plan for future demands by considering lead times and scheduling each step in the production process to ensureScheduling Legend that you never run out of beer.

The OrchestratedBEER production scheduler allows users to visualize and schedule production on a built-in digital calendar. Automatically schedule or move production by date and time by simply dragging and dropping production orders on the calendar. Visualize production by a monthly, weekly or daily calendar view and by warehouse or storage tank. Use the Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) capabilities to anticipate what to produce, when, and how much based on future demands.

  • Drag and Drop – Schedule or adjust production orders by dragging and dropping

  • Visualize Production lead times by production process
  • Visualize Orders – Visualize sales and purchase orders to help plan production better
  • Release Planned Production – Release planned production orders into your schedule by dragging and dropping from the planned items list

Scheduling screenshots