Secret Spreadsheets

“Secret brewery spreadsheets create multiple versions of the truth…”

What are “secret spreadsheets?”

The secret is out. We know all about the 17-tab spreadsheets that no one but you can decipher. Breweries often refer to the legendary batch tracking and inventory keeping methods known in the craft beer industry as “secret spreadsheets”.

You can do a lot with spreadsheets. Some of them are complex, intertwined systems of linked cells and tabs that keep your brewery intact with all the information you need. It works, and it’ll keep working for the meantime, or until the Excel mastermind who built it moves on, you accidentally delete a row or formula, or you simply outgrow its capabilities.

The inevitable limitations of spreadsheets are no secret. For years breweries have been run and operated by the “secret spreadsheet.” Bob in production has his, Cheryl in accounting has hers, and the cellar man probably has 2 or 3. They become so engrained in everyday brewery life that it’s like pulling teeth trying to convince them that it’s time to ditch the “secret spreadsheet” and move onto an all-in-one brewery solution.

“The Curse of Microsoft Excel”

There’s no denying that spreadsheets are great for slicing, dicing and analyzing data, but relying on them as the “Holy Grail” on which all your business decisions are made is a huge mistake. refers to spreadsheets as the “The Curse of Microsoft Excel”. You’re one misstep, broken formula and “Save” away from a disaster. No matter how perfect a spreadsheet is built, you are still spending valuable time manually entering and updating data when there’s a more efficient solution out there.

The Brewery Spreadsheet Alternative

With OrchestratedBEER, as you progress through the various steps of the production process, transactions are being automatically recorded in the background. You benefit with real-time information. You can then generate accurate, real-time brewery inventory reports to see inventory levels of any item at any time of the day or what will be available to promise on a future date. Don’t worry, you don’t have to completely quit using spreadsheets cold turkey. The data in OBeer can be exported to a spreadsheet where you can spend your time analyzing and making decisions, not entering data. With 100+ brewery specific reports built into the solution, you’ll find that a majority of the slicing and dicing has already been done for you. All you have to do is enter a date range.

OrchestratedBEER provides the peace of mind that the data used to make decisions for your brewery is accurate and up to date. No more worrying about protecting your spreadsheets or someone “fat fingering” the data, or forgetting to import. No more running to the brewer to ask what he used in his latest batch. OrchestratedBEER brings the data to you so you can make the best decisions.