Integration Modules

OBeer brewery software integrations
Integration Modules: Integrate OrchestratedBEER with leading 3rd party industry technology providers
The VIP Order Recommendation Integration pulls in data from VIP, including the inventory on-hand at the distributor and depletion. The information is then used within OrchestratedBEER to recommend orders for distributors with the real-time information in OBeer. Details

OBeer to VIP integration

The VIP Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) Integration enables you to automatically send an electronic Bill Of Lading (BOL) to VIP. This allows your distributor to download the BOL/Packing Slip from VIP electronically. Details

VIP - Advanced Shipment notice

OBeer/ShipCompliant integration allows OBeer customers to transmit all distributor invoices to ShipCompliant automatically in real time. As you complete your normal invoicing workflow in OBeer, the distributor invoices created are simultaneously transmitted to ShipCompliant. ShipCompliant will then submit your state excise tax form for you. Details

ShipCompliant OBeer Invoice Integration

Coming Soon!

ShipCompliant OBeer COLA submission Integration