A: We have a Payroll Interface Module which allows you to import your payroll data into OrchestratedBEER with a few clicks. The Payroll Interface Module eliminates the time spent entering transactions from a third-party payroll provider i.e ADP, PayChex, Paylocity etc.

You can continue to use the same payroll system that you are currently using. Alternatively, you can also create a journal entry payroll entry template, which can be used to manually enter in payroll into the general ledger. Read this blog on brewery POS, Payroll & other interfaces for more details

A: You can export all of your end of year financials into an Excel Spreadsheet to give to your CPA. OrchestratedBEER is fully GAAP compliant, so the financial information that you can export can be relied upon by your CPA.

Yes. However, OnDemand is a different license type than Enterprise. You will purchase the software licenses in order to migrate from the monthly subscription of OnDemand. OnDemand provides a preconfigured environment that makes assumptions on process flow based off of craft brewery best practices. If you have special or complicated needs, you may consider doing a custom implementation.

A: OnDemand is available as a cloud solution only. Enterprise can be hosted in your own private cloud or on-premise if you already have in-house servers and/or an IT department. We offer a supported and managed hosting environments which is accessible securely anywhere via internet connection.

A: Yes, using OrchestratedBEER cuts out the need for normal bookkeeping operations/transactions. The reason being is that with OrchestratedBEER all accounting is automated in the background. Not only does it cut out the need for basic bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks but it also allows a full view into your business. You have a full 360 degree view into your brewery whether its Inventory, Recipes, Accounting, QC, Sales Orders, etc. Additionally, OrchestratedBEER has 100+ brewery reports built in, so there is no longer a need to parse together data/numbers from 3 different sources i.e. paper, spreadsheets and QuickBooks.

Yes, we work with other SAP Business One partners in your country of origin, who are familiar with country localizations and can provide a country specific version of SAP Business One in which OrchestratedBEER runs in. There are hundreds of SAP Partners around the world. Currently we have partners in Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia that are able to provide the country localizations.

OnDemand is currently only available in the U.S. and U.K.

A: You have authorization controls for each user to restrict access to different functions of the software or sensitive information. Additionally, there are limited user licenses that are available at a reduced price, which by default limit access to the users within their roles. These limited users can be  Mobile Production/Packaging Users, mobile inventory, limited financial users, etc.

A: Getting up and running with OrchestratedBEER OnDemand takes roughly 8-weeks with our Fast Track Implementation Plan. Our Enterprise offering takes 3-6 months to get up and running.

A: All of our support staff are located at our Beaverton, Oregon headquarters and work with breweries on a daily basis, we do not outsource customer support. All users have free access to unlimited online ticketing for support, OrchestratedBEER User Forum, and eLearning website for assistance. After full training and stabilization we have additional options for unlimited phone support. A support technician is on-call 24/7 in case of emergencies. Read more about our support options.

Depending on the complexity and/or size of the brewery, we have 3 training/implementation options available, click here to see the differences between the 3 options.

Each product is specifically designed to meet the requirements of different sized breweries and differs in price, implementation timeline and training type. See our Product page for complete details.

Yes, you can capture all the Mash Data, Lauter Data, Kettle Data, Whirlpool Data, and Fermentation Data within OrchestratedBEER. There are 60+ QC metrics available out of the box. Additionally, we have our Advanced QC module available, to learn more about our Advanced QC module click here.

A: Yes, we have 2 different offerings (OnDemand and Enterprise) which meet the needs of different craft breweries in the different stages of their business life cycle. Our OnDemand offering is the most affordable offering which requires little upfront costs and a subscription based license that is paid monthly. The thing to consider is that OrchestratedBEER is not an expense like most software, it is an investment because of the cost saving benefits that you gain by centralizing your processes in one solution. To learn more about the value of using OrchestratedBEER read the following blog.

A: OnDemand requires a 12-month commitment because it is a subscription based offering with no license purchase requirements. Enterprise does not require a minimum contract because you are purchasing the software licenses outright. There is an annual maintenance fee associated with Enterprise, to obtain the newest versions without repurchasing it.

A: OrchestratedBEER has its own GAAP compliant accounting platform (based on the SAP Business One platform) on which the entire system is based. There is no need for bookkeeping because our solution automates your accounting/inventory. As users interact with our software, journal entries and inventory postings occur automatically in the background capturing variances, costing, inventory valuation and customer/vendor balances in real-time. This eliminates the need for repeat data entry from one place to another, user error, complex spreadsheet costing, paper & pen, and accounting management overhead.

With OrchestratedBEER, there are 100+ brewery specific reports that come as part of the core solution. Click here to view those reports.

A: About 80% of our brewery customers have some sort of POS system whether for their tap room or brewpub. There are several ways to get your POS data into OrchestratedBEER. The first option is a day end cash register close template to input your data into OrchestratedBEER. The second option is a POS Import Utility which allows you to simply copy and paste your POS output data into OrchestratedBEER. Within OrchestratedBEER you can track both end of day sales data and physical inventory i.e. T-Shirts, hats, mugs, growlers. Read this blog on the latest brewery POS interfaces available for OBeer

A: If you are reading this, you probably have enough needs to gain value from business management software like OrchestratedBEER. Generally, there tends to be a point in time that 17 tab spreadsheets, bookkeeping software, whiteboards, paper and etc. are not working out. Additionally, we have 20+ start up brewery customers who chose to implement a robust business management software application in place from day-one and have informatively adopted OrchestratedBEER prior to opening their brewery doors. To learn more about when to adopt OrchestratedBEER read the following blog.

A: 98% of breweries that sign up with OrchestratedBEER are coming off of QuickBooks. OnDemand is the best fit for most breweries because it’s a turnkey solution available for a monthly subscription. We have a 5 step implementation process to help you migrate from QuickBooks/Excel/Paper & Pen to OrchestratedBEER. We use standardized processes mastered through working with 100+ breweries to make it a smooth transition to OrchestratedBEER. For more details on this process, check out our page on How Standardization Works.

A: There is data backup redundancy at 2 separate data centers located in different cities across the US. The hosting is certified by SAP and meets SSAE16, ISO27001, ODCA, and SAS70 standards. The important thing to note is that we don’t have servers in the back closet of our office. We partner with top notch certified data centers that specialize with application hosting and data security.

A: In order to get an accurate pricing quote, we encourage you to contact us and talk to a product specialist to identify what offering best fits your needs. We have craft breweries of all sizes using our software, from start-up craft breweries to those producing over 100,000 bbl per year.

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