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Maintain consistent quality

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OrchestratedBEER’s QC functionality eliminates the need to keep track of batches separately. Spend less time maintaining data and more time maintaining the consistency of your beer. Capture raw material attributes, brewing QC, fermentation logs and more as purchasing and production occurs. Trace problematic batches from finished beer to raw materials at any time to see what went wrong and where. View what other batches may have been impacted from a problematic batch and why.

OrchestratedBEER automatically associates Quality Control metrics with each batch of beer and each tank to make record keeping easy. Automatically assign system generated batch numbers to each production order. During the production process, capture relevant QC data associated with the batch of beer being produced. This information automatically links itself with the appropriate production order, tank, batch, date and time to allow for a 360-degree association.

Check out the Advanced QC module available for Enterprise customers to track additional QC metrics.

  • Raw Material Attributes
  • Capture Brew Data
  • Fermentation Logs
  • Yeast Data