A standardized integration between VIP (Vermont Information Processing) and OrchestratedBEER is currently in development to be released for OrchestratedBEER Enterprise users. The integration pulls in data from VIP, including the inventory on-hand at the distributor as well as rate of sale (depletions). This information is then used within OrchestratedBEER to recommend orders for distributors based off of the data pulled from VIP and the real-time information in OrchestratedBEER. This solution will help OrchestratedBEER customers provide more accurate forecasted orders for Distributors.

Additionally, the integration will also upload data to VIP, including items list and shipment data. This will allow for information to be synchronized between VIP and OrchestratedBEER.
In planning: VIP Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) integration
A VIP ASN (also known as Advanced Shipment Notice) Integration is also in the planning stages for future development. ASN enables you to automatically send an electronic Bill Of Lading (BOL) to VIP. The ASN allows your distributor to download the file from VIP, so when your order shows up at their warehouse, they can download the BOL/Packing Slip from VIP electronically. The advantage to your distributor is that they don’t have to key in the receipt of inventory into their ERP system; it’s simply downloaded and then confirmed when your shipment arrives.

Source of Idea:
This idea came from a customer that had just finished discussions with their distributor about how they were different than dealing with a big brewery like Anheuser-Busch or Molson Coors. The feedback from the distributor was that craft breweries are only about 15-20% of the volume processed by the large distributor, but it takes up 80-85% of their time and resources. This is because the large breweries do everything electronically; while a majority the smaller craft breweries typically have paper BOL/PackingSlips etc.

Expanding OBeer to connect directly to VIP helps bridge the gap by enabling you to interact with your distributors electronically in the same way the much larger breweries do.

Future Roadmap:
The OrchestratedBEER Product Roadmap lists updates currently planned for OBeer. Updates are at various stages from “in development” to “general release” status to “future development”. As each product feature becomes generally available and is rolled out to customers, a page will be created with additional information about how the features works, how to use it, and other relevant details.

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