downloadOrchestra is proud to announce new partnerships with local Canadian partners who will provide the OrchestratedBEER brewery software solution to breweries throughout the Canadian provinces.

Due to rules and regulations set by SAP, we are required to work through a local SAP certified Business One partner when pursuing any implementations outside the US. These restrictions limited us to focus solely on the US market. These new partnerships will allow us (Orchestra LLC) to provide our product (OrchestratedBEER) to Canadian breweries utilizing local implementation and services approach, and expand our reach into a new international market.

Beau’s All-natural Brewing Company and King Brewery, both based in Ontario, will be the first to ulitilze these partnerships and implement OrchestratedBEER. Orchestra will continue to provide a localized approach and continue to expand its international reach through select SAP partners who understand local laws, rules, languages and culture.

The new partnership applies to our Standard and Enterprise products only. Unfortunately, our OnDemand SaaS product will be available only to US-based breweries for now.